Monday, May 01, 2006

Not a bad show against China

28 April
We've just finished our match against China and we lost 0-5. The score sounds bad but considering the fact that China are the defending champions and the fact that most us gave a good account of ourselves, it’s not too bad. Chetan managed to take a game off the world No.1 Lin Dan. Lin didn’t really look very good today but that doesn’t mean Chetan didn’t play well.

I lost to Chen Jin 14-21,10-21. Chen is just coming off a win in the China Masters and he’s in great form. I ran him close in the first game but he just seemed to have better control on the game than I did. I was almost always following his pace, very rarely setting the pace myself, which I'm good at. I guess the fact that this was the first time I played in the main hall also made a difference. We play Germany tomorrow, and the tie is important if we have to move on to the quarterfinal.

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